101 Cross Creek Road Avella, PA, United States

Check out our Teasecake commercial!
Jason’s Cheesecake Company was born out of a quest to make the best cheesecake and provide a great fundraising opportunity to the groups in Western Pennsylvania. 

​After years of trying to perfect the recipe, Jason created his very own cheesecake company in Ambridge, PA. In April 2012, the first cheesecake rolled out of our kitchen. Since then, we’ve been churning out our cheesecake like… well… cheesecake! All of our cheesecakes are made to order and specifically for you! Our staff works tirelessly to ensure top quality! Not only is our goal to provide delicious cheesecake and put you in a state of pure bliss, we also believe in giving back. We’ve been involved with the Salvation Army’s Project Bundle Up, helping raise money to provide clothing for children and seniors throughout the winter in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

About Jason's Cheesecake Company